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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tag lg from Pn.Suesue...layanzzzzzzzzz

Have Fun!! Don't Forget to post it...!!

1. What is your name : Roha
2. four Letter Word : Rock
3. A boy's Name : Rudy ghazi
4. A girl's Name : Rose Aleesyia
5. An occupation : RnD
6. A color : Red
7. Something you'll wear : Red Ruby Ring
8. A food : rice
9. Something found in the bathroom : Redken syampoo
10. A place : Rumahku
11. A reason for being late : rest(haha)
12. Something you'd shout : robber!!!
13. A movie title : rush hour
14. Something you drink : Rebina
15. A musical group : Red Hot Chilli Peppers
16. An animal : Rat
17. A street name : Ramlee Road --> sebelah kaprawi road
18. A type of car : Fiat correction --> racing car
19. The title of a song : run the show

yeay tamat sudah......Sesape yg nk menyahut cabaran pn suhana bleh la buat tag nie...daaaa


suhanazainal said...

kek mano ramlee road tu?

jellyna said...

wei, apesal keta starts from R = fiat? error laa

rohamia said...

suhana;kat kampung aku....nanti aku lukiskan map

jalina; alamak salah...actual nak buat romeo alfa...akakaka..lupe nk tukar...akakak

rohamia said...

sue + jal : dh amend dh...sila review and bg OR kalau ade slh lg ye


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