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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

High heels- gorgeous vs pain

Me n my high heels..hehe...saje nak share story...last Saturday, i went to hush puppies warehouse sale. Firstly, i just planned to get a pair of hush puppies high heels...but u know what???...I've got 3( selalu je over budget..menci tau)... but it's only cost rm 80 (lega skit). Actually, I've problem with some of my high heels collections. Some of them look so cute but it's make my jari jemari kaki a bit pain...huhuhuhu...then i realize that I've to know a good tips to buy a comfortable high heels.

How to get comfortable high heels. ( from internet )

1. Make sure the shoes fit well. If they are too loose, you will have problems keeping them on your feet, and if they are too tight, you will wish they would fall off. It is better to be a little loose, because you can easily add spongy little
foot cushions available at most supermarkets and drugstores.

2. Leather shoes will be the most comfortable, will last longer, and will gradually
mold themselves to the shape of your feet. They are also the easiest to stretch a
bit, should you need to.

3. Try on several sizes. So that you can choose the better one.

4. Remember!The shoes you choose must not only beautiful but the most important is comfortable.Love your leg please.

Or maybe i need to loose my weight kot...ha ha ha....bdn dh beratla amoi..kasi ringan sikit maa...

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