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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KFC Double Zinger Burger 'Tag & Win' Contest

Woww...satu lg contest tag&win nie...b4 nie dr ikea now KFC plak..i loikee. Jom join kawan2..Mudah saje..ade rezeki insyaallah menang...

Senang je nak join contest nie:
1) Log on to the contest website. You will need to connect to your Facebook account.
2) Pick an empty square and click on it. Answer the trivia question correctly.
3) You can tag 3 squares each day and get another bonus 2 if you invite 5 friends.

The prizes up for grabs each week:

Grand Prize: 1 x Apple iPhone 4S
Second Prize: 2 x X-Box 360 + Kinect
Third Prize: 3 x Dr. Dre Monster Beats Headphones
Consolation Prize: 50 x KFC Bucket voucher

Untuk keterangan lanjut sila la layari econtest

Semua hadiah best2...seronoknya kalau dapat menang iphone...nk cuba skang gak..

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